Exhibitors are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner towards each other, the public, volunteers and the event organisers.

Exhibitor Application

♥ Exhibitor stand fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to another business or showcaseExhibitors must complete a registration form to display at the Showcase. All fees are required with the registration form to secure booking

♥ Your stand can be offered to another business and full payment will still be expected from the exhibitor if terms and conditions are not met


♥ Stand Sharing is Strictly Prohibited!

♥ All displays must fit within designated space and must not be longer or deeper than specified widths of each space. If display does not fit, it must either be shorted or removed.

♥ Display must be free standing – nothing can be attached to walls or ceilings

♥ Check in with organisers prior to setting up

♥ Saturday set up is 3pm until 5pm only

♥ Sunday set up is 8am until 9:30am. Stands that are unoccupied by 9am will be reassigned to an adjacent exhibitor and you will forfeit all fees

♥ Please respect the show hours. Early breakdown of exhibit will come with a penalty of $60

♥ Exhibitor agrees to remove all rubbish from their stand area

♥ Requested stand locations are not guaranteed

♥ Stands will be assigned by organisers to keep a balanced showcase

♥ Business owner must attend the showcase to represent their business. Due to circumstances beyond your control a trusted representative may take your place. This employee must be approachable, engaging and punctual with a full understanding of your business.

♥ Exhibitors must have at least one person at their stand at all times. Employees must be registered with the organisers prior to the event

♥ Exhibitors standing in front of your stands are more effective at engaging potential clients

Insurance & Indemnity

Exhibitors are required to have their own Public Liability Insurance for the duration of the showcase.

♥ Burnett Bridal Showcase will take no responsibility or liability for any accident, loss or damage to display stands, material or persons at the event.


Registration forms and payment must be received no later than 26 April 2019.

♥ Stand allocation is made on a first come, first served basis

♥ Once a business category is full a supplier can be placed on a waiting list

Display Equipment

♥ Exhibitors must supply their own display equipment

♥ After you unload your vehicle you must move it from the loading zone

♥ Be respectful when breakdown occurs and move your vehicle from the loading zone as soon as possible

Number of Attendees

♥ Show Organisers make no guarantee of the number of attendees

Food & Beverages

♥ All food and beverage exhibitors must have council approved kitchens and licences

♥ Food Licence must be on display on your stand

♥ Food and Drink are permitted in the venue

♥ Venue must be left clean and tidy


Electricity is only available to exhibitors who have arranged for and paid the additional cost

Cancellation Policy

♥ Cancellations are acceptable however no refund will be given on any monies paid. Certain circumstances maybe an exception deemed so by the event organisers

♥ Organisers must be notified if you or your business can no longer attend the showcase


♥ Venue complex is a smoke free environment

♥ Exhibitors need to make themselves aware of all emergency exits and evacuation meeting point

♥ Parking for the event is in the back carpark

♥ No parking in loading zone

Amendments to Terms & Conditions

Showcase organisers reserve the right to amend terms & conditions at any time

Other Terms & Conditions

♥ Exhibitors agree to display, present and demonstrate only products and services of their business as provided and described on their Registration Form. Any Exhibitor who displays or advertises another business/organisation, person or product (without written consent from the organisers) will be subject to immediate removal from the showcase and will forfeit their fees.

♥ Under no circumstances may a non-exhibiting business or person(s) promote themselves, their product or service at any time during the Showcase to participating exhibitors, guests or brides.



By Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are stating that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions written above regarding The Burnett Bridal Showcase